May 16, 2023
Step into the Spotlight: Eight Secrets to Dreamforce Speaker Success

We hope last week’s post got your wheels turning on what you have to share with the Salesforce community!

If you are struggling to move from idea to action, check out my 8 tips for making your submission (and presentation) a success!

1. Find Your Passion

Picking a presentation topic for Dreamforce is like choosing a book topic – it’s something you’ll be focusing on for several months. You’ll want to select a subject that you’re truly passionate about and that others can learn from in a relatively short time frame.

2. Team Up with Colleagues or Ecosystem Friends

Workloads and family priorities can often sideline passion projects. By teaming up with someone, you’ll have a built-in system to hold each other accountable, create compelling proposals, and calm those pre-presentation jitters.

3. Find a speaking mentor

Enlist the help of a Dreamforce presentation veteran who can coach you through the proposal and presentation process. A mentor can offer valuable advice on abstract language, slide design, content, and tips for a successful talk. Their experience will make preparation less intimidating.

4. Maximize Salesforce provided session prep

Once your session is accepted, Salesforce assigns a team member to assist with content and deadlines. Make the most of this incredible public speaking training to boost your confidence when stepping on stage.

5. Be flexible on your title & abstract

One thing Salesforce will help with is refining your session title & abstract. The title and abstract need to grab attention in order to attract sign-ups, especially when competing with over 2,500 other sessions and the make your own Astro booth. Salesforce will make suggestions on how to make your title & abstract more effective. Work with them to find the right balance between your individual voice and learned best practices.

6. Promote, promote, promote

With Dreamforce’s packed agenda, promoting your session is crucial. Make your promotion as clear and concise as your title & abstract. If you can’t describe your talk in a tweet or the ‘above-the-fold’ text in your LinkedIn post, go back to the drawing board. And make your message omni-channel by leveraging social media, ecosystem connections, and the Trailblazer community for maximum reach.

7. Roll with the punches

Dreamforce is a huge conference with a lot of moving pieces. Sometimes things come-up like last minute room changes or adjustments to session times. The AV doesn’t always work perfectly. Be prepared for last-minute changes, and don’t let minor hiccups throw you off. Trust your preparation and go with the flow.

8. Relax & enjoy

When you finally step on stage as a Dreamforce speaker, remember to enjoy the experience. The selection and preparation processes are formidable, so relish the accomplishment! And don’t forget to send me an invite – I’ll try to be there.

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