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Meet Fred Cadena

My passion is helping financial services companies deliver innovative digital experiences and streamline operations by leveraging technology.

Financial services companies play a crucial role in empowering individuals to achieve financial security & stability, enabling business growth, supporting the communities they serve directly & through facilitating large-scale projects, and ensuring equitable & ethical access to financial resources and markets. Across my career, it has been my goal to help them better fulfill this mission through improved experiences and efficiency. 

Across my career, it has been my goal to enable companies across the financial services sector better fulfill their mission through improved customer & user experience and by realizing operational efficiency. Over the last ten years as an advisor, I have helped financial organizations of all sizes leverage technology to transform their business.  This built on my experience leading operations and technology roles at optionsXpress and Charles Schwab.

Helping my clients envision & craft innovative experiences requires a unique ability to connect business strategy, industry trends, technology implementation, and change management. 

I am active within the industry as a thought leader to help stimulate conversations between companies, professionals, and students about where the financial services industry is going and inspire contributions to building our mutual future. I write, speak, and share content to share my ideas and amplify the ideas of others while building meaningful connections. 

Is digital transformation at the top of your priority list, but you aren’t sure where to start? Have you started a transformation effort, but not seen the outcomes you were hoping for?  Let’s talk.

Banking Transformation Leader

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Eric Cook

Eric Cook

Digital Strategist

Spending 15 years as a community banker before making the shift to a digital strategist in 2007, Eric is an award-winning agency owner with WSI Digital, author, speaker, educator, and most recently founder of – a mentoring and mastermind community focused on helping banking professionals build their personal brand online.

Josh Matthews

Josh Matthews

Salesforce Staffing Executive

Josh is the President of Salesforce Staffing, LLC and

Josh helps CIO’s, IT Executives, Sales Operation Leadership and Talent Acquisition Executives attract, hire, onboard and retain the top 10% of Salesforce Professionals considered overwhelming successes.

In his 20 years as a Recruiter and Leader in staffing, Josh has interviewed over 7,000 candidates for all levels from Salesforce Administrator up through the C-Suite. He knows first hand what hiring top-performers can do for your career (and your sanity).

Services Growth Leader

Former Co-Host

Dane Grove

Babaji “Dane” Grove is a dedicated Director at WERKstream, a growth enablement firm with a mission to help Salesforce professionals and businesses reach their full potential. Dane’s passion lies in empowering individuals to get more out of their careers, recognizing that growth doesn’t always equate to a job change. Instead, he focuses on serving as a trusted career advisor within the Salesforce ecosystem, guiding professionals towards personal development and professional fulfillment by aligning their skills and interests with the right opportunities.

At WERKstream, Dane is committed to helping Salesforce Partners and Salesforce End Clients accelerate growth through the firm’s innovative platform, which is built on Salesforce and Google Cloud technology. This platform enables organizations to better engage their people, create tight-knit teams, and drive top-line sales growth.

Dane’s extensive experience in the Salesforce community allows him to understand the unique challenges and opportunities associated with various industries. As a thought leader, he regularly shares his insights through blog articles, webinars, and conference presentations, demonstrating his unwavering dedication to staying at the forefront of Salesforce trends and best practices.

As a result of Dane’s expertise and commitment to nurturing growth within the Salesforce community, WERKstream has become an invaluable resource for professionals and businesses alike.

In addition, Dane is platform owner at WERKstream, designing and administering its Salesforce stack including Enterprise Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Marketing Cloud, Digital Engagement, Sales Dialer, and a host of add-ons, and ISV products.

Prior to WERKstream, Dane’s experiences include Accenture, NetApp, Deloitte, EY, Korn Ferry, and Aerotek where his contributions centered around growth enablement and designing/implementing ATS and CRM technology.