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Paul Risk
Digital Transformation Leader

Guest Bio

Paul’s experience includes leading large, multinational teams, building practice areas and organizations, and creating intellectual capital. He has extensive global experience across the UK, Japan, Argentina, Brazil, Singapore, Mexico, Australia, and France.

As the CTO of The Warranty Group (now part of Assurant), he led the implementation of a global Salesforce org to replace 30 legacy systems, and now has a single global platform that is used in 20 countries in multiple languages and currencies.

That platform, built entirely on Salesforce, pushed the technology boundary right to the edge where they interact with consumers, allowing faster response to customer needs and market conditions. This was a complete digital transformation of the technology stack, and along with it a wholesale change in corporate culture.

Prior to his pioneering work at The Warranty Group, Paul was the CIO of AXA Assistance, USA, where he also implemented an innovative Salesforce org.

Paul was also founder of Cloudway Partners, a boutique consultancy specializing in Salesforce strategy and transformation for insurance companies.

He also has prior experience at Deloitte and EY. Paul is a former professor of Information Systems at Loyola University Chicago, co-author of the PMOSIG Program Management Office Handbook, and frequently speaks on technology topics at major conferences such as Dreamforce, Gartner, SIM, and PMI.

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