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David Dal Pos
Salesforce Sustainability Expert

Guest Bio

David has worked in and with the Financial Services industry for 27 years – in the industry directly, in consulting, and in product development for software companies. His focus over the last 20+ years has been on web-based technologies, particularly CRM SaaS platforms, but has also included niche applications for wealth and asset management, retail and commercial banking, insurance, credit card, payments, and human resources.

The last 10+ years has focused on the Salesforce ecosystem where Dave has over 25+ enterprise engagements under his belt, most recently with a Big 4 consultancy. By following industry and market trends, Dave has been able to develop, promote, and sell new products, solutions, and accelerators on the Salesforce platform including offerings that: optimize wealth advisors’ ability to manage their books of business, address fiduciary standards for retirement assets, improve intermediary wholesalers’ and institutional asset managers’ sales effectiveness, address European carbon emissions regulations, and elevate overall Salesforce adoption through gamification, microlearning, and change management strategies, among others.

Most recently Dave has implemented carbon accounting solutions for several public corporations to help them calculate their carbon footprint. He also serves on the board of directors for a non-profit focused on water conservation education to students in grades K-12 globally.

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