July 13, 2023

Episode 007:

AI Exposed – The Good,

The Bad, and The Algorithms!

Join us for a thrilling journey with AI veteran, John Schuller as we examine the inner workings, diverse applications, and future implications of AI. John, an AI and computer vision expert, helps us understand the role of GPUs in AI models and the importance of neural nets in deep learning. We also delve into the world of open-source models and their rapid advancements.

Episode 007: AI Exposed – The Good, The Bad, and The Algorithms!

by Banking On Disruption Podcast

Show Notes

We are absolutely thrilled to have John Shuler, a seasoned expert in AI and computer vision, join us for a deep exploration of AI and its multifaceted impact on the business world. We kick off the episode with a comprehensive definition of AI, how it works, and its varied uses in the industry.

We continue our exploration of AI by discussing the role of GPUs in AI models and the importance of neural nets in deep learning and transcription. John offered valuable insights on his favorite models, the rapid advancements in the field, and the potential of Mosaic ML and Falcon. We also debate the leaked Google Memo and the implications of AI not having a “moat”.

Towards the end of our conversation, we delved into AI’s impact on businesses, the economy, and personal behavior. We discussed how AI could improve work quality and worker efficiency, and highlighted the importance of strategy in ensuring the success of any organization. We also debated the implications of personal AI, from security risks to the potential for behavioral manipulation. Finally, we wrapped up our enlightening discussion with an examination of the future of AI, focusing on strategy and data, the complexities of AI-driven decision-making, and the need for transparency in AI applications.

Join us as we discuss these intricate topics and gain insider knowledge from a real expert!

Later, in our Quick Takes segment, Dane & Fred discuss Salesforce’s new XGen7B LLM, a novel use for biometric data with AI, Meta’s Threads platform, and the implications of Salesforce’s price increases.

So buckle up, and join us on our journey through the thrilling world of AI!

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John Schuller

John Schuller

John specializes in building great digital products that drive revenue or generate value, for the past several years he has been working near exclusively in emerging tech ( AI / Computer Vision / Web3 ). 

John has worked with some of the largest companies in the world, down through bootstrapped start-ups, and equally across numerous industries; previously coming up in the mobile app world, before shifting more into digital transformation and emerging tech.

John has an atypical background as he comes from the liberal arts world after growing up hacking linux machines together and playing music. He keeps busy as a polymath, from economics, ancient history, philosophy, jazz, physics, photography and still lots of music, between spending time with his family hiking or cooking.

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