June 29, 2023

Episode 006:

The Slack Factor – Your Productivity Game Changer

In this episode, the hosts discuss the transformative power of Slack in business with Daniel Sanchez, co-founder of consulting firm 21b. They delve into how Slack is revolutionizing productivity, workflow, & data management. Daniel discusses the differences between Slack and Microsoft Teams and how Slack GPT could revolutionize how you consume your customer data. Later, on Quick Takes Fred & Dane discuss AI and tracking cameras being used in sports analytics and addresses recent return-to-office trends.

Episode 006: The Slack Factor – Your Productivity Game Changer

by Banking On Disruption Podcast

Show Notes

This week on our podcast, we’re diving deep into the world of Slack, productivity, and the future of work. πŸ’ΌπŸŒ

Today, we have an enlightening chat with Daniel Sanchez, co-founder of 21b, as we explore the transformative power of Slack in the business landscape. We talk about Daniel’s journey from civil engineering to Salesforce Consulting and how Slack is reshaping the way leading firms deliver ROI. We also venture into the world of Slack GPT, discussing how it can potentially transform the way we manage data and offload tasks to AI. There’s a lot to absorb as we also dive into maximizing Slack’s value, the concept of a digital HQ, and strategies for Slack’s ongoing care and maintenance.

But wait, there’s more! We draw comparisons between Slack and Microsoft Teams, examine how AI and biometric-tracking cameras are used in sports analytics, and share strategies for maximizing the value of Slack within your organization. πŸš€

Ready for a shift in perspective? Tune in now! 🎧

0:03:11 – Applying Civil Engineering Principles to Consulting (86 Seconds)
0:06:05 – The Future of Slack (94 Seconds)
0:14:06 – Chat GPT’s Impact on Slack (116 Seconds)
0:22:39 – Underutilization of Slack by Companies (43 Seconds)
0:34:09 – Enhancing Customer Engagement and Revenue Recognition (66 Seconds)
0:45:34 – Differentiating Our Consulting Services (59 Seconds)
0:48:39 – MLB’s Partnership With AI Technology (105 Seconds)
0:59:26 – Older Workers and AI Impact (83 Seconds)
1:03:44 – NY’s Office Landscape and Remote Work (59 Seconds)

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Daniel Sanchez

Daniel Sanchez

Co-Founder, 21b

Daniel is co-founder of 21b | Slack Consulting. He’s been working in the Salesforce consulting ecosystem for over 10 years and specifically on Slack for the past two years at 21b. He has worked on hundreds of different sized projects across many industries including FINs and HLS with a focus on optimizing Engineering, Sales, and Service teams through technology.

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