May 10, 2023
Dreamforce Speaker Submissions Open!

Time flies, and Dreamforce 2023 is already on the horizon. The largest and most anticipated Salesforce event of the year takes place once again in San Francisco from September 12th to the 14th.

Dreamforce is one of the largest business and technology conferences globally, featuring over 1,000 sessions throughout the three-day event. Each session requires an engaging topic and at least one exceptional speaker – so why not you?

Speaking at Dreamforce

Dreamforce sessions are driven by the Salesforce community. Presentations are primarily hosted by Salesforce administrators, developers, consultants, and architects who make a daily impact on their companies or clients. Speakers lead sessions to educate peers on various topics, from career planning & development to business wins and technical know-how.

Presenting at Dreamforce offers a valuable opportunity for career growth and personal branding while giving back to the Salesforce community. Additionally, speakers receive a free ticket to attend the event, saving you (or your company) about $2,000.

Submission Process

Submission is easy, simply visit the Dreamforce Call for Participants webpage and complete a simple form.

But first, you’ll need a few things sorted:

Proposed Title: You want to make sure it is both pithy and clear. Create a concise title that will capture the interest of both Salesforce and potential attendees.

Proposed Abstract: Write a brief overview of your session, outlining what attendees can expect to learn and/or what are you going to build/demo? Consider the WIIFM (what’s in it for me) benefits for your audience. This abstract will be published in the Dreamforce guide, so it should be compelling and clearly communicate the value of your session.

Why should the session be presented at Dreamforce: This is perhaps the most important field in the submission. Salesforce gives you 1,000 characters to tell them why your session should be presented at Dreamforce. This is your chance to pitch your session and convince the review team why it’s important for this proposed session to be presented. Think of it as your best opportunity to make your session stand out!

Session Duration: You will need to choose whether you are submitting a Breakout session or a Theater session.

Breakout sessions are held in dedicated session rooms with around 100 seats. Breakout sessions are 40 minutes in duration, which gives you enough time to dive deep into a topic. The format also allows the audience to engage and ask questions.

Theater sessions are held in open theater areas in various areas of the Dreamforce campus. In this open style, Dreamforce attendees are able to walk up and listen to your session from the periphery or take one of about 80 seats. Theater sessions are 20 minutes in duration. Due to the shorter length, it is preferred to present actionable items for attendees to learn in a short time period. There isn’t time for questions and discussion, however, speakers can meet with audience members after the presentation.


Dreamforce is an extraordinary conference that many Salesforce professionals worldwide hope to attend but often cannot due to budget constraints. Speaking at Dreamforce offers a remarkable opportunity for personal career development and the chance to attend with a complimentary ticket. This could also persuade your employer to allow you to represent them on stage at one of the world’s most prestigious conferences.

Submit your stellar idea here.

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